Mac share screen over internet

A new window will open with heading connect to the server.

Screens to the rescue

In that, there is a text input for server address where you can write either. You can choose each one depending on the size of your display and how much of it you want to use it for viewing the shared screen.

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Once you have started screen sharing you have a wide variety of options at your disposal: Control or Observe: In the top left corner, there are two switch buttons as shown in the figure below. You can toggle whether you wish to control the mac which screen you are seeing or you just want to observe the screen. With scaling on the entire screen of the mac is displayed on your mac so if you want to have a birds-eye view of the screen switch it to scaling on.

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If you wish to see minute details of the screen you can turn off the scaling and it will appear as big as it is and it might require you to scroll a bit to see the screen. If the Mac whose screen you are viewing have multiple displays you can choose which display screen you want to view.

3 easy ways to share a Mac's screen, great for long-distance tech support

Adapt quality: As I said above you can choose this if you prefer smooth screen share experience over slower networks. Adaptive quality adapts the quality of screen share to the bandwidth available.

Full Quality: Full quality screen sharing renders full quality screen sharing experience, not recommended over slower networks speeds. Enter Fullscreen: Show tab bar: Click Accept in the invitation. A message asks if you want to let the other person control your screen, or just observe it.

Screen Share your Mac with Mojave! From any part of the world 100%. Also with free VPN

If you want to initiate screen sharing: Invite your friend to share their screen. In the Messages app on your Mac, if the Screen Share button is dimmed, try the following:.

macOS Sierra: Share your screen using Back to My Mac

Then try sharing again. See Create a contact card. You can also share screens without using the Messages app, using macOS screen sharing.

For a more in-depth look at screen recording in iOS 11 and some tips, take a look at our how to. FaceTime can be a good fit to help with Apple TV support.

Providing support to others can be even smoother when you can take control of their device. Another way to start screen sharing is through Messages on macOS.

Messages and iChat Have Screen Sharing Capabilities

Click Details in the top right corner of a message and select Invite to share my screen or Ask to share screen. Once you are connected, a FaceTime voice call will also automatically initiate along with the screen sharing. For more ways to get the most out of your Apple devices, check out our how to guide as well as these articles:.